“Some shipping company say they provide insurance packages but the reality is they do not. Proper insurance coverage must include an insurance policy. The policy will explain what form of protection is provided and the amount of protection.

Easily insurance is the TRANSPORTATION / LOSS / LOSS / DAMAGE OF THE SUBMISSION TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY. This means that the INSURANCE COMPANY will pay for any losses incurred by you.

Marine insurance provides full protection to vessels carried by sea. Protection from port (port of loading) to port (port of discharge). THIS MARINE INSURANCE IS ONLY PERFECT FOR VEHICLE DELIVERY PROTECTION USING PORT TO PORT. IT DOES NOT APPLY IN THE TRANSMISSION THAT MAKES TRANSHIPPMENT.

Ventura Trans and Services (M) Sdn Bhd is partnering with AXA insurance Malaysia providing the best travel packages.

The protection provided includes:

  1. The ship sank
  2. Tsunami
  3. Fire
  4. Reverse Ship
  5. Lushing Disconnected
  6. Ship collision with jetty / fellow ship
  7. Explosion
  8. Theft of standard car parts (side mirror, bumper, steering wheel, lights, battery etc)
  9. Vehicle accident on board.

Payment for marine insurance is based on the market value / value of a vehicle.

For example:

  1. A Myvi (2011) at a market price of RM33,000
    Marine insurance payments are:
    = Vehicle Market Value X 0.35% + Stamp Duty (RM10)
    = RM33,000 X 0.35% + RM10.00
    = RM125.00

  2. A Honda (2011) at a market price of RM100,000.00
    Marine insurance payments are:
    = Vehicle Market Value X 0.30% + Stamp Duty (RM10)
    = RM100,000 X 0.35% + RM10.00
    = RM310.00

Note: The lowest cost to own this Marine Insurance is RM125 although the vehicle market price is less than RM33,000 Any claim if applicable is based on the market price of the vehicle.

Items / Charges / Personal Effect brought by customers such as mobile phones, laptops, coins, Smart Tags and other vehicle mounted will not be covered by this insurance. The insurer is not responsible for the loss of accessory accessories such as turbometers, auxiliary speakers, sub woofers and others. Standard Vehicle Accessories ONLY.